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Hello everyone. I can’t believe DotShare has been around for almost 7 years now! We’re happy to see submissions still coming in, even if it’s only a handful a month. Looking towards the future, we’ve started thinking about what a DotShare 2.0 would be and what would serve the community the best.

I think this discussion starts with the question: “What is the goal of DotShare?” In our mind, it’s to provide inspiration for customizing *nix setups.

With that said, our current thoughts are to move away from files and specific programs, the reasoning being twofold. First, most people find it easier to host their dot files on git(Hub). Second, moderating and surfacing submissions per program is unreasonable given how large the ecosystem is for even one category. Also, submitting each program in an entire setup is cumbersome and increases friction to sharing.

So where do we go from here? We think a design that focuses more on sharing complete setups and relies on third party services for distributing files would encourage more to share while utilizing the existing services people are already using.

Well, those are just our thoughts. The main reason for this post is that we’re interested in hearing yours! Let us know in the comments what you like and dislike about the current site and what you’d like to see in a DotShare 2.0.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years making DotShare what it is today!


silvertail said about 6 years ago

Some great ideas. I’d be interested in hearing how would set DotShare2.0 apart from github other than that everything is in one place. Also, PLEASE add capcha to submissions. We don’t want someone to spam submissions again! Even a simple addition question would decrease the likelihood of this happening.

I do really love this site, and visit often for new ideas/reference. Very thankful it exists!

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emptyarray said about 6 years ago

Just found the site and am pretty new to modding i3 but I reference it a lot as I’m learning. Not sure where you should head but I like it as is.

So basically I have nothing of value to add. Good Luck

HaoZeke said about 6 years ago

I would like to suggest a static site… That way it could be hosted on GitHub, allowing the community to use the well know pull request system…. Plus it’d ease monetary concerns.. (if there are any)

leotaku said about 6 years ago

I personally think that using third party services like GitHub is a terrible idea, because IMO it completely defeats the purpose of this website.

What I like about using dotshare is that it can be used to show a static snapshot of a config. You upload it and it stays the same. Anyone can copy, modify and learn from it.

Services like GitHub however inherently contradict that idea, because the configurations can constantly be changed or even deleted. We would just get screenshots that have nothing to do with the linked configuration or, even worse, dead links.

But maybe you have thought about that and have a solution to this problem? Anyway, I’d just like to avoid dotshare 2.0 being a second r/unixporn.

rvikwd3 said about 5 years ago

Thank you for hosting this site, it’s super pretty and I always turn towards these submissions when I’m looking for inspiration <3

dtp said about 5 years ago

Recién en este año supe de este proyecto y a mi también me parece útil. == Jus t in this year I knew about this project and I also think it’s useful.

El comentario de leotaku me parece interesante respecto a la característica de dotShareIt respecto a github. También es interesante la solicitud de soportar https de silvertail.

Estaré atento al progreso del proyecto


reesericci said about 3 years ago

Y'all really need to get a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert… Also, where’s the git repo for this site so I can contribute? I’m a web developer.

miika said about 3 years ago

Finally made an account to post my own configurations after getting inspired by many awesome configs here. Hope people keep posting!

zenobit said about 2 years ago

hello there
I am also looking for git source…

Like the site

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umop3plsdn said about 1 year ago

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this website. I forget about it though from time to time but I get giddy when I remember. I wish more people knew about it to be honest. I don’t think it’s even close to it’s full potential. Is 2.0 still being planned or plotted out? It would be a shame to see this project end. One more thing any chjance on adding Leftwm to the wms?

umop3plsdn said about 1 year ago

Since you were talking about 2.0 4 years ago i’m going to go out on a limb and say it just isn’t happening? which is a real shame! Even though we have things like r/unixporn and others this is still a platform that is under utilized and very much in demand if people just KNEW about it.

sharpicx said about 1 year ago

im always here to backup my important configurations

umop3plsdn said about 8 months ago

for the love of god please come back! Can we at least add new apps to the sections or give me admin access to add them for you? i’ve seen a few others wanting to contribute maybe put it up on github so we can??

shells/ fish
terms/ foot/alacritty
wms/ hyprland/leftwm/sway

also maybe a section for EWW/AGS

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