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Jacob Foster




6'3", 135 lbs. I liek mudkipz.

Personality - INTJ, slightly incoherant and difficulty producing a train of thought. My interests include theology, Information Technology, linguistics, philosophy, and shoestring travel. Firmly believe in a faith based on evidence.

Music - I listen most genres of music that do not include vocals, though some indie folk with a bearded guy singing about controversial topics like peace, love, and world harmony doesn’t get on my nerves overmuch. Special place in my heart for elevator music.

Hobbies - Ricing my GNU/Linux installation, researching cost of living overseas, reading non-fiction, lurking /g/ & /k/, and going through AskReddit archives.

Education - I am a freshman in college, enrolled in a Business Management - Information Systems major at a large uni on the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

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